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Cable Management
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Cable Management

Our cable management solutions help you keep your cables organized and out of the way. Whether you're looking for something to cover, wrap, protect, run, conceal, support, or bundle your cables, we have you covered.


By: CableTiesUnlimited®

Braided Sleeving

When it comes to managing cables and wires, braided sleeves are a versatile and reliable option. Not only do they keep things organized and bundled, but they also offer electromagnetic shielding and protection from the elements. There are countless variations of braided sleeving available, each with unique properties to suit various applications.

Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing is a dynamic solution offering electrical insulation, strain relief, and mechanical protection across industries. Made from high-quality materials and available in single-wall and dual-wall tubing, this tubing is engineered for versatile use across multiple scenarios. Heat shrink tubing provides a reliable, durable, and easy-to-use solution whether you need to seal connectors, handle breakouts, or tackle those connector-to-cable transitions.

Spiral Wrap

Spiral wrap is a top choice for almost every type of cable management and wire protection needs. This versatile solution not only safeguards the wires and cables but also allows for easy maintenance down the line. Unlike other conventional bundle applications, performing new work doesn't require a complete disconnect of the wrap.

Split Loom Wire Tubing

Discover the wonders of Split Loom Wire Tubing! Designed to safeguard and simplify your wire protection, cable management, and hose installations, this incredible product boasts a unique side slit for effortless use and reduced installation time.