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Thin Wall Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing (Low Shrink)

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Thin Wall CB-HFT(600)
Thin Wall Polyolefin (Low Shrink) Heat Shrink Tubing Description: Thin Wall Polyolefin (Low Shrink) is halogen-free, highly flexible, low shrink temperature, non-adhesive, and flame retardant polyolefin heat-shrinkable tubing. Features: • A very thin wall heat shrinkable polyolefin tubing with a highly flexible, radiation cross-linked tubing used for insulating, jacketing and identification where saving space is important. • Made from flame-retardant polyolefin, it has excellent electrical, chemical and physical properties representing a good all purpose heat shrinkable tubing. • Low shrink temperature reduces install time. Application of heat above 90°C will shrink this tubing quickly to 50% of it’s supplied diameter or snug down on the object it is to cover. • Resists a wide range of chemicals and oils as well as sunlight, moisture and fungus.  • Longitudinal Shrinkage: less than 5% • Storage: very stable; can be stored over extended intervals without change. • Temperature Rating: continuous operation from –30°C to +125°C. Electrical: 500 volts per mil. Standard Color: black (others special order, available upon request)

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