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Winged Wire Connectors

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Winged Wire Connectors
Our winged wire connectors exceed the expectations of professional electricians everywhere due to dependability. Wings designed to provide firm & comfortable twisting. Inside the tough, thermoplastic shell of a wire connector is a tight, wire-spring, making each connection quick and secure. Each wire connector is color-coded for easy size selection. Twist-on quickly and easily. Fixed wire spring creates its own threads as it draws the conductors all the way into the connector. • Type: Winged • Standards: UL Listed and CSA Certified • Rated for 300 Volt maximum • Wings designed to provide firm & comfortable twisting • Fixed, wire spring • No pre-twisting of the wires required • Reusable • Shell rated for 105° C • Flame-retardant shell • Color-coded for easy wire selection • Thermoplastic shell shields against environmental extremes • Resists chemical action from hydrocarbons, acid or alkaline solutions
Grouped product items
Product Name Color Brand Qty Per Bag Gauge Part No Price Quantity
Winged Yellow Wire Connector 18-12, 500/bag Yellow CTU 500 18-10 AWG WCW-Yellow-D
Winged Tan Wire Connector 22-12, 500/bag Tan CTU 500 22-8 AWG WCW-Tan-D
Winged Red Wire Connector 16-12, 500/bag Red CTU 500 18-8 AWG WCW-Red-D
Winged Gray Wire Connector 18-10, 250/bag Gray CTU 250 18-8 AWG WCW-Gray-H
Winged Blue Wire Connector 14-6, 100/bag Blue CTU 100 14-6 AWG WCW-Blue-C
Winged Green Grounding Wire Connector 500/bag Green CTU 500 14-10 AWG WCW-Green-D