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8" 50lb UV Black Fir Tree Cable Ties 100/bag Part # 8-50-Fir Tree

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8-50-Fir Tree-C
8" 50lb UV Black Fir Tree Cable Ties 100/bag Part # 8-50-Fir Tree • Friction tab inside of fir tree allows tie to sit in mount without falling out prior to installation • Initial fir tree serves as a locating feature for assistance in blind assembly applications • Disc feature provides anti-rattle protection in high vibration applications • Fir tree mounts with ties cables provide a secure grip in mounting holes and protect against dirt and other impurities • The mount provides low insertion and high extraction force, and slides along the cable tie for the proper orientation • Push-mount cable ties snap quickly into a hole to attach a bundle to another surface • The mount portion is easily passed into a pre-drilled hole and locks into place • With Wings, Without Wings and Fir Tree types are available • Fir Tree Push Mount Ties, 8.0" Long, 0.25" - 0.28" Mounting Hole, UVBlack, 100/bag • Temperature Rating: -40°F to 185°F • Flammability Rating: UL 94 V-2 • Miniature, Intermediate, Standard and Light Heavy Duty cross-sections feature a curved tip for easy threading and handling • Versatile cable ties can be used in countless applications • One-piece construction for consistent performance and reliability • Lowest threading force of any one-piece cable tie in the industry • Curved tip is easy to pick up from flat surfaces and allows faster initial threading to speed installation UV Black Cable Ties • Greater resistance to damage caused by ultraviolet light – indoor or outdoor use • UV Black Nylon 6/6 is used in continuous or extended exposure to outdoor sunlight. • The nylon cable tie is a weather-resistant grade, enduring additional ultraviolet (UV) light. • This grade is produced by incorporating stabilizers in the nylon resin. UV Stabilized Nylon cable ties are available only in black. Skip to the end of the images gallery Skip to the beginning of the images gallery

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