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Tool-NM-50 Standard Cable Tie Tension Tool (Made of Metal) 18lb - 50lb Ties

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Tool-NM-50 Standard Cable Tie Tension Tool (Made of Metal) 18lb - 50lb Nylon Cable Ties Tool-NM-50 Standard Cable Tie Tension Tool, made of metal, makes installing 18lb - 50lb nylon cable ties in a tremendous range of environments a fast and efficient process every time! Featuring convenient automatic cut-off and adjustable cable tie tensioning capabilities; this exceptionally reliable cable tie installation tool can be easily utilized in a vast array of cable bundling and wire assembly applications. Features • Made for Miniature (18lb/.10"), Intermediate (40lb/.14") and Standard (50lb/.19") Nylon Cable Ties • Ergonomic Trigger allows for tensioning tie with automatic cut-off when fully tensioned/tightened • Adjustable Tension to (+) increase or (-) decrease tension before cutting off excess • Color of Tool: Red, Green or Blue (colors will be random) Benefits • Speeds up cable tie application • Ensures correct tension and provides automatic cut-off • Eliminates sharp edges on cut ties Note: These Tension Tools are for use with Nylon Cable Ties ONLY. For Stainless Steel Cable Tie installation, see our special Stainless Steel Tension Tools made for Stainless Steel Cable Ties

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