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When selecting cable ties, labels, or wire management products for the solar industry, it comes down to one question: Quality or Quantity?

A majority of the standard black cable ties in the market will be considered UV Resistant based on the color additive Carbon Black which is UV Resistant and is added to the “Natural” cable tie resin during the molding process to give the cable tie a black color. Raw cable tie resin is “Natural/Whitish” in color, where on average the amount of Carbon Black added is about 0.03% even though most studies show 2% is the optimal amount needed to extend the life of the cable tie used in outdoor UV exposed applications.

Standard cable ties use a Nylon 6/6 material which makes them flexible, sturdy, allow to absorb moisture, and UV Resistant when Carbon Black is added. For solar projects or applications directly exposed to the sun, you will want to use Nylon 12 or Polyamide 12(PA12) cable ties. Nylon 12 or PA12 are materials specifically designed for long outdoor exposed applications. One of the main differences between Nylon 12 and Nylon 6/6 black cable ties is that Nylon 12 has a UV Inhibitor along with Carbon Black added during the molding process. The result is a Nylon 12 material that has an excellent UV Resistance, moisture resistance, and chemical resistance compared to standard Nylon 6/6 UV Rated products.

Along with the Nylon 12 products, we also have cable ties and accessories offered by Hellermann Tyton made out of a PA66HIRHSUV material. PA66HIRHSUV is Nylon 6/6 blended with an added UV Stabilizer, high-impact resin, and heat stabilizer. These products can be more cost-effective in most solar applications.

Nylon ties are probably the most popular style out there and are used across multiple platforms. Most people don't know or realize there are also stainless steel cable ties which will hold up to all outdoor elements and will be installed until cut loose. CTU offers standard stainless steel and black polyester coated(our most popular non-Nylon item sold in the solar industry) stainless steel ties.

To recap, it will come down to asking yourself: Quality or Quantity? Do you need products that withstand the elements or do you something cheap and easy? Choosing Quality can prevent unnecessary service/warranty calls, while choosing Quantity may cause additional service/warranty calls.

For any questions, comments, or if you need bulk pricing, please feel free to contact Bob Allison at 330-558-0600 or via email at