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Saddle Support Mounting Base Natural #4 Screw 100/bag Part #CTM4-9C

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Saddle Support Mounting Base Natural #4 Screw 100/bag Part #CTM4-9C • Saddle Mounting has a recessed hole for a pan head screw • Cradle shape provides a saddle for the wire run • The cable tie is threaded under the bundle and tightened in the usual manner • The recessed screw hole allows cable ties to easily pass over screw head • Saddle Mounts are designed for maximum stability and support when securing cable bundles and tubing • Low profile design keeps bundle close to the mounting surface CTM4-9C Specifications: Color: Natural Maximum Tie Width: .19"/50lb Tensile Strength Material: Nylon 6/6 Screw Size: #4 Length inch: 0.60 Height Inch: 0.27 Width inch: 0.38 Slot Width Inch: 0.20 Slot Height Inch: 0.06 Hole Dia Inch: 0.13 Counter Sink Dia. Inch: 0.27 Counter Sink Depth Inch: 0.10 Max. Operating Temp. F: 185 Max. Operating Temp. C: 85 Min. Operating Temp. F: -40 Min. Operating Temp. C: -40 Min. Installation Temp. F: 32 Min. Installation Temp. C: 0 UL Listed Type 21 UL Air Handling Approved: UL AH-2 UL Flame Rating: 94V-2 RoHS Compliant

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