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  1. How Humidity and Moisture Affect Zip Ties

    How Humidity and Moisture Affect Zip Ties

    Most standard cable ties, zip ties, & tie-wraps are primarily made of Polyamide 6/6, more commonly known as Nylon 6/6. Nylon is a hygroscopic material that allows it to absorb humidity and moisture from its surrounding environment. Nylon 6/6 can absorb up to 8% of its weight in moisture.

    The Nylon 6/6 material is dried to hold as little moisture as possible during the cable tie molding process before being molded to the final product. Once the molding is complete, water amounting to 2-3% of the cable tie weight is added to the sealed bag. This process is referred to as the conditioning or curing process for the cable tie.

    Nylon 6/6 being a hygroscopic material means it's susceptible to dry conditions which may wick moisture from the material. If possible, store cable ties in a temperature-controlled area around 70F and 50% humidity. When stored in temperature varying, dry facilities, the cable

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  2. Different Applications Of Cable Ties

    Different Applications Of Cable Ties

    Cable Ties Unlimited has been providing cable management products for all types of industries and businesses since 2001. Now with a 9-acre campus in Brunswick, Ohio, we aim to be the market leader in the sales and distribution of cable ties and cable management products. We offer standard cable ties and specialty material cable ties for varied applications. We also sell cable ties from other brands such as Thomas & Betts, Panduit,

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